SUP Wheels - Classic

Classic model for walking with your paddle board. Just install of the SUP Wheels® on the tail end of your board and then pick up the nose of the board with your hand.  You can now push or pull your board with ease. 

The majority of the weight for the board rests on the SUP Wheels®. 

100% satisfaction guarantee!
1 year warranty included
SUP Wheels ® will give you a better workout on the water and easier transportation after a long hard workout.  With the largest wheels in the SUP carrier market, you will get to the water faster and easier with SUP Wheels ® whether you are rolling on a hard surface or soft sand. 

SUP Wheels ® Technical Specifications 
  • No assembly or tools needed
  • 14” Wheels - rolling over curbs and sand without sinking
  • Solid rubber tires - never go flat
  • Specialized foam covers frame - UV resistant & board safe
  • EPDM rubber bungee - UV resistant and extremely strong
  • Aluminum axle - salt water resistant, light and strong
  • Stainless fasteners  - for outdoor use / salt water resistant
  • Up to 90 lbs (40kg), supports 2 SUP boards on one set of SUP Wheels ® (strap required and coming soon as an option)
  • Removable wheels - compact storage (with pegs) or carry on board
  • Storage pegs allow you to attach the wheels to the side of the carrier frame
  • Flex frame variable width is 15” (38cm) to 12” (30 cm)
  • Flex frame variable height is  6” (15 cm) to 4” (10 cm) - good for race or regular stand up paddle boards.