Starboard - 10'5 x 30" Drive Starlite

$1,999.00 $1,470.00


A stable shape with good glide and impressive wave riding performance.

  • The 10’5” does it all, offering long glide for easy entry with maneuverability and reactivity on the wave.
  • 30” width offers stability for riders up to 90kg, with speed and efficient tracking.
  • Significant upgrade to the bottom shape and rocker transforms this popular wave rider.
  • Available in Blue Carbon, Pine Tek, Starlite and Starshot Technology.
  • Bottom Shape: “Mono-concave through to V to heavy V Tail.”
  • Mono-concave in the nose creates lift and directs water
    into mid-section double concave for speed and acceleration.
  • Rail-to-rail turning from mid-point of the board.
  • Tail V increases maneuverability for smooth and tight cutbacks.
  • We use inverted EVA deck pads to avoid waste, thus every second board will have a reverse color combination from what is featured.

A 15 kg/m3 precision molded fused cell core replicates the exact shape, offers high strength at the lightest weight and has impressive water repulsion.

A combination of different fiberglass densities wrap the entire hull for high strength and durability.

A standing area of 0.6mm Australian Pine is added for extra deck impact resistance and rigidity.

High grade woven Carbon Innegra with impregnated paint pigment wraps the entire rails for maximum impact resistance and hull strength.

Full Bio resin infusion maintains superior performance with a lower impact on the environment.

Suggested Rider Weight Range

55-90 kg

Length: Width: Thickness: Tail Width: Volume:
10’5″ 30″ 4.3″ 17.2″ 173 L
317 cm 76.2 cm 10.8 cm 43.6 cm